20 JunMothra

Sitting in a hotel room in Death Valley, CA and catching up on emails. Suddenly I feel something slam into my upper chest area and I jump up and quickly brush it off. My breathing returns to normal as I recall the large moth that was on the inside of the window earlier. It’s not a black widow or giant cockroach. Whew!

I resume typing only to note movement under my shirt! Mothra has not been flicked off my chest but rather down into my pajamas where she is helplessly flying between the foobs, knocking against them as if to say “help! Let me out!”. But my foobs cannot hear and they certainly cannot feel the plight of the giant desert moth.

I’ll admit I had a moment of panic but then released her to the wild. I’m quite certain she’ll never be the same… nor will the other hotel guests after seeing me run outside and lift up my pajama top, effectively flashing everyone.

Think I’d best call it a night.

One Response to “Mothra”

  1. Laura Holmes says:

    I think a “dramatic reenactment” is in order soon. I wonder who you could get to volunteer to be the moth?? You can practice in Vegas then bring that show home to your peeps in Michigan. Think I may need to start selling tickets now.
    The Content Queen!

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